Friday, April 15, 2011

Prayer and Preparation

Sawatdee ka!!!

We are almost positive that is how you say hello in Thai. Welcome to our blog!

Taylor, Leah, and Kirstyn will be leaving on May 29th. Breanne will be joining us a few days into June.  

These two are the founders of the Agape Home. They are Roy & Avis and they are doing incredible things in Chiang Mai. Here is some general info about the orphanage: 

The orphanage opened in 1996 to respond to the spread of HIV/AIDS. There are at least eleven Thai nannies and four foreign volunteers working each of the two daily shifts. There are 60-70 children living at the Agape home. This is a home for babies and children with or at risk of having HIV/AIDS. We will be working 40 hour work weeks. This will consist of either an 8 hour shift or two 4 hour shifts each day. Wow, we are already expecting to crash every night. Loving on these little children will make every bit of exhaustion worth it. 

This is the description of our job we were given by the volunteer coordinator. "You would be working as a volunteer caregiver with between 6-70 children who have been orphaned or abandoned and are infected with HIV/AIDS. These children range in age from three days up to thirteen years old. We provide these children with love and care and try in every way to make Agape a home and not just an institution. You will work together with other international volunteers and Thai nationals who are hired as full time nannies for the children."

 We are a short 44 days away from boarding the plane for Chiang Mai. It is surreal. We have all been working and praying hard to get our funds in before we leave. The Lord has assured us over and over again that He wants us in Thailand this summer. We have been meeting together as a team to pray and prepare for this wonderful journey! If you feel called, there are a few things you can be praying about for our team and the orphanage before we leave.

Pray for the health of these sweet children. Pray for the relationships that will be built between our team, the children, and the nannies. Pray for the continued health of our team before we leave! Continued prayer for fundraising is also appreciated. We know the Lord will provide everything we need in His perfect timing. This journey is going to be a good one and it's just getting started! 

Blessings to you

"Loving Jesus is simple, but not easy. Love until it hurts, and then love more." 
Mother Teresa