Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New friends, new adventures!

We are running on fumes. It is 5 pm and we are ready for bed! We have had an awesome day unpacking and getting groceries at the market! There has been a few set backs (mainly with Taylors things!). We checked 2 suitcases full of things for the kids and Taylor checked her backpack on in Dallas. Well, they did not show up in Thailand so we are now waiting for them. This means ALL of Taylor's clothes. What a bummer. Also, we withdrew money from an ATM today and Taylor's debit card wouldn't allow it. She has kept a positive spirit despite the annoying setbacks. Pray for this!

We got to spend some time talking to Laura (the volunteer coordinator) about what they want from us at the orphanage. First of all, she is so fun! She has worked at the orphanage for 10 years and is from Australia. We spent most of the day laughing with her about how silly we look walking around. Here is what she said our job will be: We will head to the orphanage around 4 pm. The kids will get home from school, eat a quick snack, and then do their homework. After this they have some free time to go play outside! We will eat dinner with them and then help them get showered and ready for bed. They have another free time to play indoors for a while. Then we will ay prayers with them and get them all tucked in! We listened to her telling us this with our mouths wide open. What a blessing this time will be! She talked to us about the children's different personalities. She said the Lord will give us certain children that we really connect with. We are excited about these 10 weeks to make some awesome relationships and help out in any way we can! We will also be taking some language lessons that will really help us out. Within the next two days we will have training with Laura. This will include asking every question possible and getting a general idea of how things will work.

Our house is incredible! The view from our backyard is wonderful and we have a great porch in the front. It is a 3 bedroom house so that gives us a bunch of room! We will be taking cold showers all summer because the humidity here is out of control! We like it much better than Texas heat though. We got dinner at a market in our neighborhood for less than $1! It was awesome Thai food and soup made by a sweet little woman. Our brains are on overload with new smells, scenery, and language. We are very lucky to have Laura, the volunteer coordinator, so close! 

Due to our lack of sleep, we are all giggles. Everything has been hilarious all day. I will share a few things that got us laughing. 

We were trying to get through the Singapore airport when we made a friend! His name was John and was going to Cambodia to help put in wells there. He first asked us,"Are ya'll going climbing?". This was because of our backpacks we were carrying, so we told him no and tried to move on. He kept coming back to us making conversation. Because we had a 6 hour layover, he became our friend. We talked for a while and he told us," I knew ya'll were good travelers because I saw you walk up wearing no makeup, hair pulled back, baggy clothes, and looking like boys." His honesty had us cracking up, but definitely caught us off guard. 

At the market we had a hard time converting Baht (Thai currency), so Taylor and I thought she was about to spend $119 on cheese, milk, and shampoo. 

There are many more hilarious things that have happened these past dew days, but we are too tired to remember them! Please pray for those bags to get here quickly! We are praying for the kids we are going to meet so soon.

We wish you could see this! Blessings.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello from Singapore!

We have made it through a 4, 11, and 7 hour flight! Our seats were right next to the bathrooms which was good and bad at the same time. We have filled our time with movies, games, sleep, and talking about how excited we are! After our 3 hour flight to Chiang Mai we will meet the volunteer coordinator and hopefully the kids. 

We have successfully flown over Monday. We left on Sunday and now we are in Singapore on a Tuesday! It is pretty weird losing a day, but kind of a fun adventure.

We are currently sitting in Changi airport skyping our families! It is so early in the morning here, but we are surprisingly full of energy. We are excited to see what the next 10 weeks will look like! Prayers would be appreciated for our first few days of catching up  on sleep and meeting all the people at Agape.

Blessings to you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In 11 days we will be boarding a plane and heading for Thailand! Thank you for your ongoing prayer support for our team. We can definitely feel the weight of your prayers! We have been in contact with the volunteer coordinator at the Agape home and a few things have changed.

We are now going to be working with the older children at the Agape home. This is unexpected but exciting news! From what we have heard, we will be working from 4-8 pm during the week and all day on the weekends. The children will be in school during the day, which gives us time for language lessons. How exciting!!

We have no idea what this summer will look like, but we know the Lord has big plans. 

Blessings to you