Friday, July 8, 2011

Breanne's birthday, hospitals, and elephants!

To our sweet Breanne,

IT”S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! You have brought 22 years of fun to a lot of people. Thank you for always making us laugh when we need to cheer up. Thank you for saying the most bizarre things as you fall asleep. Thank you for playing with the kids that we honestly cannot handle sometimes. Thank you for being such a sport about getting an awful sunburn. Thank you for baking delicious goodies. Thank you for giving me the best laugh of the trip when you screamed because a cockroach ran up your arm while you were making whipped cream. Thank you for keeping Thailand’s battery supply companies in business. Thank you for opening our eyes to the world of tiny elephant statues. Thank you for not crying when your bike died on the way home from work the second day you were here.Thank you for helping us out when we need to calculate Baht to dollars. Thank you for grabbing that baby lizard- with your hand- out of our bathroom. No really...thank you. Thank you for completing our team!You have definitely been a shining light for our us here!! You are one of the most loyal and encouraging friend. We are really going to miss you the last two weeks we are here!!

God has given Breanne such a strong talent in working with kids. She has been so positive and excited to play with the children every time we go to work She has fallen in love with the little babies here at Agape. This might be the very strongest gift God has given her. It is basically pointless to go into the baby room with Breanne, because they just want her to hold them. It is really sweet to watch. She has found an extra special bond with one little girl. The Lord has been working in mysterious ways through this relationship. For the past few weeks, Breanne has been sneaking away to the baby room to see her little friend. She always talks about how she wishes she could just take this little cutie home. Well, on wednesday she got permission to adopt. Just kidding. On wednesday, Laura came over to our house with a request. The little girl has had 3 seizures since she was born and she is almost a year old. She got admitted to the hospital for testing so they can try to target the source of these seizures. Hospitals here are nothing like home. The nurses there are in charge of IVs, temperatures, and blood pressure. They do not change diapers, sheets, or bath. So if a child is admitted, there has to be someone with them at all times doing those things. Well Agape was low on staff for that night and needed someone to go to the hospital for the night with her. So Laura immediately thought of Breanne and came over to ask. It was such a cool realization that God has been preparing Breanne for this! AND Breanne got to be this little girl’s mom for a night. Of course Breanne said yes and she headed to the hospital at 5 pm. She spent the night changing diapers, bathing, playing, and feeding her. They told Breanne that they wouldn’t being doing any tests on her while Breanne was there. Well they came and got her from Breanne and did a spinal tap. They wouldn’t let Breanne go back with her, so she had to sit and listen to her scream from 3 beds away. When she came back the nurses told Breanne that she had to keep her on her back for 6 hours. A 1 year old on her back for 6 hours!!!!!!!!!! The room that Breanne was in had 10 beds that were all very close to each other and the fan above Breanne didn’t work.This little girl was in a pretty uncomfortable situation, but kept smiling and laughing. Breanne did such a great job and has some cool stories about the night! You can ask her sometime. I will hold the diaper stories for another time. You are not allowed to take pictures in the government hospital, but since Breanne is such a rebel...she took some with her phone. Blog dedication award!

Well much to our surprise, someone was needed at the hospital again the next night. And the volunteer who went was....


She headed up there at 5 and stayed until the next morning at 9. We are extremely proud of her! As she was leaving Breanne asked her, “Do you know how to change a diaper?” and Kirstyn responded, “I will figure it out!!” So hilarious! She definitely figured out how to do that. It was a pretty long night for her in the hospital. Kirstyn got the full mom experience, because the little girl was pretty fussy all night.The biggest frustration was the language barrier! It was a huge job for them to be trying to communicate with doctors and nurses. What an incredible learning experience for them! Let’s just say they are pretty sleepy and we are really really proud of them!! 

Since it is Breanne’s birthday tomorrow we celebrated with elephant riding this morning and a fancy dinner tonight. We rode elephants for an hour through the jungle. It was really fun and really hot! Breanne wasn’t sure what to think of this outing at first, but in the end...she still LOVES elephants. We went to dinner in an air conditioned taxi. It. Was. Heaven. We all got amazing food and finished it off with coffee of course! 

 We have a long weekend ahead! Once again, prayers for energy are greatly appreciated! If you get a chance, tell Breanne happy birthday old lady!!

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