Friday, July 1, 2011

Buffet lines and silk worms

Our bikes are finally fixed and back in business! We feel like a bike gang roaming the neighborhood again. It had been about a week without bikes, which is a lot considering our living/working situation. Right before they came back we talked about how we thought that all of our bikes breaking was the devil trying to get our spirits down. As soon as we spoke those words, the Lord provided and they arrived back better than ever. Awesome! 

So in Thailand there is an activity that is popular among tourists AND the Thai people. It is something that is almost indescribable, but I will try. It is a little something called Traditional Thai pictures. Here is a quick glimpse into this fun little adventure.

If you are not laughing at this point, something is wrong with you. These pictures are priceless. And SO was the experience. We show up at this tiny little place and they immediately start helping us dress. The back of these outfits are clipped with pins almost from head to toe. One size fits all.  Then they begin to put our hair into GIANT buns. Kirstyn's hair was slicked back and they basically made a sun out of her head with little gold things!! She kept a good attitude. They put about a pound of makeup on our faces and sent us to take pictures. Here is the strange part. Taylor went first, so from the other room the 3 of us heard strange music and singing. As we joined her in the picture room we found the photographer singing karaoke as he was taking the pictures. He was dancing and grooving as he sang. I HIGHLY suggest that when we all get home you ask one of us to reenact what he looked like. I cannot put it in words other than: Awkward, strange, and creepy. Ask us, we will show you.

We spent our day yesterday touring factories! We started at a Thai silk factory. It was so crazy to see how the silk worms do their job. I would tell it to you if I could remember, but I couldn't understand the tour guide's explanations. So here are some pictures! 

Then we headed to the worlds largest Gem/jewelry store and factory. We were basically worthless at this place, because we were not going to buy anything. The factory was cool watching then hand make all the metal and gold jewelry, but there was a NO PICTURE sign.  Then as we moved into the jewelry store about 10 woman flooded us. They were being SO friendly asking us where we were from and trying to become buddies with us. Kirstyn, Taylor, and I were able to smile politely and move on. Sweet Breanne had a little bit harder of a time and spent about 10 minutes chatting it up with her new "friend". Sorry guys, we didn't buy any of you things from there. 

Then we went to an umbrella factory! This place was so neat. There were so  many people making umbrellas from the very start! I will do an awful job explaining it so here are the pictures. 

One of the coolest parts about this place is that there are so many awesome painters there! There were about 10 people sitting in little booths who would paint just about anything on anything for $3.00! So we all brought our bibles and had them painted by people there. They all turned out very different. We will always be thinking about Thailand when we see these bibles.

My bible is on the left. Kirstyn and I like to joke about our choice of paintings. Some day I will give this bible to my 6 year old little girl. Hot pink!

Kirstyn's is on the right. She will give this to her 6 year old little boy someday. Fish and lava! 


We got to join an Australian team that was here at a buffet. The buffet was full of AMAZING Thai cuisine that we had never tried. Rows and rows of opportunity for us to try new things! And guess where we were the entire time? The waffle line. I know, its pathetic. But they tasted good! 

Buffet highlights you might ask? 

1. We waited for the waffle making man to come for about 5 minutes. I thought it would be okay to scoot behind the table and make everyone some waffles. When I saw him walking back I hopped out and he stomped on in to his waffle making spot. He then looked at the waffles that were being made and gave then a disgusted look. He picked out every crumb of waffle that I had made and started over. OOPS.

2. Kirstyn and Breanne hit up the dessert table while we were waiting for the waffles and picked out every dessert that looked good but was actually the consistency of some weird jelly creature. 

3. We tried to get a sungtao home which is usually a breeze! We live relatively far outside of town for some of them to drive so they don't actually know where it is sometimes. We have a paper that Laura wrote the name of our area on. We showed it to the driver and he took us to a strange place far far away from home, gave us a smile and drove off. So we hopped on another one and that driver drove around asking other drivers if they knew how to get to the location. After about 20 minutes he said, "Sorry!" and drove off. Then we found another guy who let Kirstyn and I look at a map and show him a shopping place that was close. Kirstyn hopped in the front and saved the day. She guided us and the driver home. Pretty hilarious now. 

Breanne is so happy to be taking this picture. 

Here is our favorite driver! This was right before we had the conversation about where we were from. When I told him the United States he asked if it was near England or Germany. He melted our hearts! 

We have a long weekend ahead of us! Prayers for energy are always appreciated. It is one week until Breanne's birthday. Yippee!

Blessings as always

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