Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finally another blog entry!

Surprise!!! To everyone’s astonishment...we have not died. I have just been trying to write a blog for a while and then I get side tracked. I am new at this...sue me.

Since Breanne’s birthday we have been working regularly and spending a lot of time laughing. It is pretty crazy that she is headed home in 5 days!! Yikes! We will be sad to see her go, but we are so thankful that she has been able to come for 6 weeks. We will sure miss her giggle.

We got a package from Kristyn’s mom, Leisha full of junk food! These pictures pretty much sum up our feelings about this package. We tore into it like children.

Then today we got a package from MORE mom’s with a second round of junk food!! We have some awesome moms. With the same package today, Breanne received some lice treatments from her family. This is GREAT news for her and BAD news for the dudes living in her hair.

We went to Thailand’s tallest waterfall last week. It was wonderful and beautiful of course!!! Since it is not tourist season here and it was a wednesday at 12, we were the only people there. Phudit, the taxi driver told us about it and gave us a deal to get out there! We drove for about an hour and a half south west of Chiang Mai to the _________ national park. On the way out there, we drove through the most beautiful country side. There were villages of people picking fruit, it was surreal! Phudit stopped by a random group of Thai men and we all got out trailing behind Phudit. He walked up and striked up a friendly conversation and asked if we could have some fruit. We took it from the pickers gratefully and Phudit said to us, “Say Ka Pun Ka.” Which is thank you. It was cute because we kind of felt like his son. Thanks dad! Here are some pictures. They do not give justice to the size and beauty of this place!

WELL today was my birthday and these three ladies definitely knew how to make me feel special!!! I woke up to some incredible chocolate chip pancakes and candles of course. We have tried to make do with what we have around here for birthdays, so there was a fancy white sheet table cloth. We headed to a spa for the morning to celebrate. This has actually been our first time to get massages, and it was really relaxing. We were the only ones there. The ladies fixed our hair afterwards, and it was pretty sweet trying to figure out what to do with hair that isn’t thick and perfectly straight. At one point there were 3 ladies surrounding me looking at my hair like a science experiment. Then we headed to our favorite restaurant for lunch! Of course the food was wonderful, but the most special part was a sweet gift I received. Before we left, Kirstyn got some close family and friends to write me sweet notes and letters. Or drawings if you are Kristen. Then she put them in the most BEAUTIFUL journal that she had painted on each page!!! As soon as I opened it I started bawling of course!!! No one was surprised. It was such a sweet idea and definitely made me feel so special. Thank you so much for those of you who wrote in the journal for me. After work, Kirstyn and I made a quick trip to 7-11 (the usual) and headed home to find the other two squirts standing by a candle lit table with cake!!!!! It was ANOTHER perfect surprise. Everything they pulled off is so great because it is hard to be sneaky when there are 4 of you living in a house together. They were wonderful and surprised me over and over again. I am on really blessed 21 year old.

We have continued to have sweet moments with the kids. Like tonight when 3 of the 9 year old boys helped us carry legos back down to the volunteer room and we gave them peach-o’s even though they had already brushed their teeth. They were giddy. Or when our sweet little blind friend sang me happy birthday in Thai and English as she hugged me so hard it hurt. Or when Breanne and Taylor sing pop songs to the little girls and they watch in amazement that they know all the words. God is continuing to bless us and encourage us to finish this trip strong! To be honest, it has not always been easy. The preacher at the church we go to really spoke to us on Sunday about the power of walking in faith. Alot of days are not perfect, but we are trying hard to walk in faith and not sight! And our faith is telling us that God has us here for a strong purpose even when it is fuzzy sometimes!

Tomorrow we are headed back to that crazy looking lake. We want Breanne to see it before she leaves, so we thought it would be a perfect way to spend our day off. Prayers for Breanne’s last few days here and her travels are greatly appreciated!!

Blessings to you guys!

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