Monday, July 25, 2011


Greetings!!! This has been a week of changes! Not always a bad thing, but not always an easy thing. Breanne left us for home yesterday, because she has a very important wedding to be in this week. It was really sweet watching her say goodbye to some of her favorite kids. They love her! We haven't been to work yet since she left, but I know they will ALL be asking for her. "Bruuuuanne?!" 

Laura's litte girl was just as unsure about Breanne leaving as we were. 

I could go on and on about how awesome Breanne was with the kids, but I will just tell you all when I get home:) We are already really missing her. Before she left her sweet momma treated us all to pizza!!!! It was a terrific way to give Breanne a goodbye dinner and give her a taste of home:) Thank you thank you!! 

Today the three of us headed to the Burma (Myanmar)/Thailand border to activate our second round of visas. We had an interesting day to say the least.  One thing that kept things quite interesting was that there was a crazy guy on our bus with an open wound on his leg. He said the strangest things and drove us nuts. He  At one point he was barking in the front seat. When we arrived, it was a rough seeing a lot of beggars and children asking for money. We only spent 15 minutes across the border, and that was enough. I will be praying for the faces I saw for a long time.

With this being done, we are ready to start our last week of work and then next week we are traveling to Phuket. God is definitely preparing our hearts for heading home. Prays for strength this week as we finish up our work here would be much appreciated! Blessings to you ALL!! 

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  1. Hi Girls!
    I stumbled upon your blog and have begun reading it! I volunteered at Agape January - March 2010. I was on a study abroad program in Chiang Mai through my college and one of my classes was an internship class, so I got to volunteer at Agape every afternoon. It was AMAZING!! I still think about it often. Five of us taught English at the school the kids go to and then we would ride the "bus" back with Avis driving...quite the experience as you know! We got to hang out with the kids on Saturdays as well. It was such a great experience. I've really enjoyed reading about your experiences and seeing your pics. I recognize so many of the children and I miss them! Soak up every minute of the time you have left in Thailand and I know God is really working through you at Agape!
    -Mary Kate Stone
    p.s. hope you don't think this is too creepy or random! haha